Online Coaching Agreement

Be What You Want – Terms of Engagement

Between :

Be What You Want Pty Ltd (ABN 97155222094), 159 Hall Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 (BWYW)

And the Client:

Client Name (You): Name submitted online via Chris
Client Address: Address as per submitted online
Contact Telephone: As submitted online via Chris
Contact Email: As submitted online via Chris

Your Coach: Christopher Hall

Start Date: Date of Submission of Question Online via Chris

Terms and Conditions

By electronically submitting an online question, you hereby agree to and accept these terms and conditions as being a valid and binding agreement between you and BWYW and your Coach.

Coaching Services:

You hereby confirm that coaching is in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of therapy, financial advisory or advisory services of any kind. You hereby agree that any coaching you receive from your Coach or BWYW is by way of generic response via You Tube only with the full understanding that you will receive guidance and the tools to create change, however you remain responsible for creating your own results. Coaching results are not guaranteed.

In the event that you feel the need for professional counselling or therapy, it is your responsibility to seek a licensed professional. If you are currently under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist/therapist, you must provide a written consent form from your provider prior to the first session with us or, immediately following any commencement of such care.

You understand that any coaching you receive from BWYW or your Coach under these terms is a process that may involve any area of life, work, finances, health, relationships, education and recreation. You acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues and implement choices is exclusively your responsibility.

You understand that coaching is not to be used in lieu of professional and/or financial advice. You will seek professional guidance for legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual, health or other matters.

Proprietary Rights:

All information, advice and any materials you receive from the Coach and/or BWYW whether paid for or not by you (Materials) are strictly confidential and any and all proprietary rights in and to the Materials remain with BWYW, and must not be used, disclosed or duplicated except for your own personal use or within your own company. The Materials are works protected by copyright laws and no unauthorised copying, adaptation, distribution storage or displays are permitted.


Anything discussed during a session with your Coach is deemed confidential, whether of a business or personal nature. Your Coach recognises that you may disclose future plans, business affairs and financial information. Your Coach will not, at any time, share this information with a third party.

Coaching responses via You Tube will be provided anonymously and will not refer to your name or where you are from.

Privacy & Marketing:

You agree to receiving periodic e-newsletter updates from BWYW and/or your coach and you may unsubscribe from these at any time.


BWYW services are advisory. By receiving advice from your Coach and/or BWYW, whether for payment or otherwise, You hereby accept sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services and Materials in your business or personal life. You hereby indemnify and hold harmless Be What You Want Pty Ltd (including the directors, employees, agents, subcontractors, associates and assignees) from and against any loss, cost, expense or liability arising from actions taken or situations created as a result of the coaching relationship and/or this agreement including inconsequential loss and reasonably incurred legal fees.

General Provisions

• This agreement is with BWYW who may from time to time alter the content or structure of the advice or Materials, as we consider reasonably necessary.
• This agreement is the entire agreement between the parties and shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

• Your coaching is provided based on a generic response via You Tube on a no fee basis. It does not constitute specific advice to your exact life and/or business situation. If you require specific coaching then please contact you Coach to arrange for a paid session.