Is Your Team Resilient Across These Four Areas?

1. Self-Care

a. Hacking The Neuro-Chemistry of Resilience.

b. The Benefits of Nature.

c. Exercise, Sleep & Work Life Integration.


The individual is part of a network in which their attitude has an impact.  In a lower state of Self-Care, the individual is at risk of “reacting”, panicking, or making a less powerful decision.  Conversely, in a vibrant state of Self-Care, the individual is likely to respond positively to their network, to collaborate, and to bounce back quickly in the face of adversity.

2. Professional Relationships

a. Meaningful Conversations.

b. Distinguishing Needs & Wants.

c. The Removal of Toxic People.


At the level of relationship, it is crucial to be conscious of “me”, “us”, and “we”.  During times of stress, this awareness allows team members to minimise strain on communication, and maximise results.

3. Meaningful Pursuits

a. Working & Living According to Values.

b. Action in Alignment with Company Mission & Vision.

c. Tapping into Personal Belief.


Finding purpose is the foundation to a meaningful existence, and motivates teams in both the good times and the bad times.

Leadership is about aligning purpose to values so that individual team mates attain the feeling of expressing, “this is who I am” in their role.

4. Powerful Perspectives

a. Gratitude in The Face of Adversity.

b. How To Dismantle Irrational Beliefs.

c. Climbing Out Of The “Valley Of Despair”


With Powerful Perspective, there is growth in every problem, a lesson in every roadblock, and an inspiration to see things through.  Powerful Perspective is in both the head and heart, and can be accessed through meaning, metaphor, and story.  Do your team have the language required to tell it?

Businesses Need Resilience More Than Ever…

It is the nature of business to face stress, challenges, and sometimes tougher economic times.  Uncertainty is guaranteed.


By equipping the individual, professional relationships are revitalised and professional performance reinvigorated.


Business results follow.