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Having faced the unexpected death of two parents at the age of 25, Chris Hall knows what it takes to build and maintain resilience. As a Certified Coach, he is uniquely positioned to convey his inspirational message in a manner that is empowering, insightful and uplifting.

Resilience is about our ability to recover quickly from adversity, to deal with stress, and bounce back to a normal level of function, both psychologically and physically. The components traditionally comprise of one’s ability to regulate emotions, level of optimism, and ability to take a positive attitude amongst tough situations. Chris, however, believes that resilience goes beyond optimism, and can be built up and maintained through meaningful pursuits, self-care, relationships, and, of course, perspective.

Businesses, Leaders and Teams Need Resilience More Than Ever, because it is the nature of business to face stress, challenges and sometimes tougher economic times. By equipping the individual, professional relationships and performance are reinvigorated, and results follow.