Businesses Need Resilience More Than Ever…

This subject covers the following four pillars of Resilience:
1. Self-Care
2. Professional Relationships
3. Meaningful Pursuits
4. Powerful Perspectives

Strengths® Based Teams…

Are fully aware of how they naturally think, feel, and behave across their Top 5 Strengths.

This work requires participants to complete a 45 minute test prior, and can be delivered in a 2 hour interactive Keynote, Half Day Workshop, or Full Day Workshop.

Happiness levels are 50% determined by genetics…

10% by circumstance, and 40% by intentional activity.

This keynote focuses on the 40%, the intentional activities, presenting how to “do Happiness”….

Procrastination is force inside all of us…

It is the result of our routines, well-being, attitudes, and behaviour, but the good news is that we can control the context in which procrastination either thrives or dies.

In this keynote, the audience will learn How To Stop Procrastinating by tapping into inspiration, motivation, and personal awareness.