Speaking Topics

1. Unleashing Strengths

2. The Presuppositions of Success

3. Mindfulness Applied

4. Peak Energy & Peak Performance

Chris believes that the workplace should be about passion, purpose and peak performance. More than half of Australia’s Top 100 companies identify teamwork, innovation and integrity in their core values . Each one of Chris’ talks taps in to accessing full expression of these values for both individuals and teams!

Availability: Australia wide, workshop delivery fee + travel expenses when more than 2 hours drive from Sydney


Topics Explained

1. Unleashing Strengths

In this fascinating talk, Chris inspires audiences to realize that Strengths are both nurtured and natural to us.  Personality indexes such as Gallup Strengths Indicator © and Myers Briggs © are incredible tools to measure our tendencies.  Chris builds on such measurement methodologies to answer big questions such as:

How do we relate our Strengths to what we do?


How can we Map Strengths to Roles?


How can we eliminate or address tasks that are “against the grain”?


How can we align and realize Purpose, Passion and the alignment of Skill in our jobs? 


What does Leadership mean in this context? 


What Rules of the game do we need to establish as teams as our individual Strengths are Unleashed?!


2. The Presuppositions of Success

Success is a State of Mind.  Success is something that we can draw out of people.  Success is a way of Being as well as Measurement, in the Doing sense, and Success requires Dialogue and Agreement around the metrics that are relevant in the workplace.  It is all too common that we set ourselves up for failure without realizing it and its time to break free of this!
Coming from a Life Coaching perspective, Chris builds upon Neuro Linguistic schools of thought to demonstrate that we can all be leaders in our Self Talk, leaders in our Team Dynamics and leaders to attain Results by adopting the The Presuppositions of Success.

Chris has audiences on the edge of their seat with live demonstrations of:

There is only Feedback, never Failure

Breaking free of UnResourceful States

Empowering and Re-injecting life into the meaning of People Doing Their Best

The Map is not the Territory 

Behavior Calibration and realizing People are More

The Realization of Unlimited Choice 

3. Mindfulness Applied

Mindfulness for Chris is about the genesis of choice, and becoming aware that we have choice in every moment. Chris believes that technological connectivity has polluted professional work culture with unrealistic expectations, causing us to experience a “productivity collapse”. Chris utilises Mindfulness for a fresh start to Productivity, Communication and Teamwork.

4. Peak Energy & Peak Performance

Chris is well known for running this as a Workshop as well as Keynote event.  Both provide an electrifying and hands on opportunity to experience the physiological and psychological shifts that are possible in instant!