Keynote Speaker

Chris Hall is a pioneer of the human spirit and a force of nature to meet.

His core mission is bringing conscious empowerment to individuals and organisations globally.  Chris believes that by tapping into people’s potential organisations will access vitality, sustainability and nurturing environments.

Chris Hall Keynote Speaker Review

Leadership Philosophy

Chris lives and breathes a philosophy that there are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states. He has a wealth of experience in realigning individuals and teams so that they harness their natural strengths and realise fulfilment in everyday life.

He inspires audiences to engage their physiology and psychology to achieve optimal states and eradicate limiting behaviours in an instant!

Mindfulness for Chris is about the genesis of choice, and becoming aware that we have choice in every moment. Chris believes that technological connectivity has polluted professional work culture with unrealistic expectations, causing us to experience a “productivity collapse”. Chris utilises Mindfulness for a fresh start to Productivity, Communication and Teamwork.


Speaking Topics


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