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Founder of Be What You Want

Be What You Want exists to bring a Conscious Empowered Life to the world through a holistic suite of services, products and events.  Check it out @

Owner of Everest Team Events

A Team Building business with the philosophy that group activities are about Play, Empowerment and Inspiration! Tailoring a series of indoor and outdoor services to meet the desired outcomes of its clients, whether it be at a conference or internal team day.

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Chris Hall is a successful Speaker, Coach and Conscious Empowerment Expert based out of Sydney.
Having worked with leading businesses around the globe, Chris has become an expert in how to employ Integrity, Teamwork & Innovation in the workplace.

Chris specializes in coaching executives and aspiring entrepreneurs, knowing that the growth potential of any business correlates directly to the psychology of its leader.

His coaching style is a fusion of the best schools of thought, enabling clients to access new levels of workability, fulfilment and productivity. He believes that life requires integrity and vibrancy in all aspects in order to reach full self-expression.

Seminar Author

Chris has an ability to digest and succinctly summarise the leading schools of the personal development field.
Chris launched his life coaching business Be What You Want to bring inspiration to people through a variety of forms, be it 1:1 coaching, group sessions or his large Life Design seminars.

Chris is the CEO of three businesses and is never afraid to take on a challenge. He believes that socially minded business is a way to give back to the community and that our relationships inside the workplace matter just as much as relationships to customers. He has fostered teams that love coming to work and thrive in the workplace with common value systems and common goals. The “aliveness” that is infectious around Chris is ever present in the businesses that Chris leads.


Chris Hall founded and was the Chairman of an Australian charity for four years, bringing “INSPOs” to thousands of homeless youth across Australia.  These INSPOs rallied local businesses and youth organisations to collaborate and make a collective stand for believing in disadvantaged young people (as featured in Pro Bono Australia).

Chris believes that Be What You Want has the power to bring empowerment to a larger community of people through the “domino effect” that inevitably ripples through as people unlock their potential and find empowerment in their lives.

Family Man

Chris is married to his beautiful and vibrant Wife and will soon be starting a family of his own.  Originally from the UK, Chris puts family first in prioritizing visits back to England to be with his family and also in visiting America where his Wife is from.  Having traveled a great deal of the world, Chris buys into multiculturalism, compassion and a wider global viewpoint.

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