Having faced the unexpected death of both parents at the age of 25…

Chris Hall knows what it takes to build and maintain resilience.  As a Certified Coach & Professional Speaker, he is uniquely positioned to convey his inspirational message in a manner that is empowering, insightful and uplifting.

Resilience is about our ability to recover quickly from adversity…

To deal with stress, and bounce back to a normal level of function. The components traditionally comprise of one’s capacity to regulate emotions, level of optimism, and to take a positive attitude amongst tough situations. Chris, however, believes that resilience goes beyond optimism, and can be built up and maintained through meaningful pursuits, self-care, relationships, and, of course, perspective.  Read More About Resilience Here.

A Businessman Who Has…

  • Been The CEO of Five Businesses.
  • Students in 142 Countries Worldwide.
  • Fostered Teams That Love Coming to Work.

Gallup Strengths Coach

Chris uses Gallup Strength methodology to tap into the potential of both individuals and teams, delivering events to both corporate and educational institutions.  His coaching style is a fusion of the best schools of thought, enabling his clients to access new levels of integrity, fulfilment, and productivity.

Chris describes himself as …

“An Energetic Strategist Dedicated To Uncovering The Futures That Inspire My Clients.”

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Where does Chris work?

Chris travels globally, and is based out of Sydney Australia.  He is very happy to discuss travelling to your event location should you need a speaker internationally.

What is his previous career history?

Please read Chris’ Biography for full information about who he is.

Chris established Everest Team Events, a NSW wide team building business. He began the business back in 2011, before selling at the end of 2017, which allowed him to focus on Armuna.

Prior to his first businesses, Chris was a project manager for six years with Accenture, working on global SAP projects in the FMCG industry. He specialised in Inter Company Processes, GS1, and Customer Service solutions across Europe before migrating to Australia.