Have you ever wanted more out of life?

Perhaps in your career, finding your purpose, or discovering your strengths?

The great news is that empowerment is always possible, especially through Gallup Strengths methodology.

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Who am I?

I am an energetic strategist, who is passionate about uncovering the futures that inspire my clients.

The gift to humanity is that we are all have talents, and my joy comes through empowering people to realize they are a work of Art.

My purpose is to help my clients find their purpose, and to enable them to express their strengths on a daily basis.  I know that their well-being, growth, and success lies in this.

I work with individuals, teams, and organizations and my commitment is to bring aliveness and alignment.

My Biography (if you are interested)

Below is a video of me using Gallup Strengths with a corporate client.  As you can see, we’re having a blast doing it but there is a very meaningful message of discovery within this line of work, which is why i love it!

Leadership - a Strengths Based Approach by Chris Hall

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What is True Self and the True You? - Chris Hall

Chris Hall illuminating how the True You is an experience of oneself and is not about the content of life. The content will always change and shift, whereas the permanent thing throughout this is YOU…

Chris Hall is a successful Speaker, Coach and Conscious Empowerment Expert based out of Sydney, Australia travelling globally.